Annmarie Neal has an uncanny ability to take complex issues that face every business today and push the perspective of leaders to adjust their lens towards the future. If you are a leader, Leading from the Edge is a must read to prepare yourself for the changes we see today, but more importantly, to help you stay ahead of the curve for tomorrow.

Daniel Sonsino
VP, Talent Management Polycom, Inc.

Annmarie is what I call a "practitioner thought leader." She doesn't just do the work, she creates next practices and innovates in the work. Her background as a psychologist gives her a broad perspective and deep knowledge of what makes people and organizations tick...the good and the bad. She's what I call a COCO – a Chief Organizational Capability Officer, someone who can work hand in hand with a CEO to build and develop sustained innovation and organizational capability. In my humble opinion, Annmarie embodies the future of human capital and organizational management and reading her book provides you with a very valuable insight into that future.

Mike Dulworth
President & CEO, Executive Networks, Inc.

Annmarie Neal defines the leadership traits and actions needed for executives to be successful as the world moves from an international to a truly global and mobile economy. If every candidate read this book, my job would be much easier.

Tom Scanlan
Spencer Stuart, Global Human Resources Practice

Annmarie Neal illustrates the social network that drives innovation in business. A must read for both start-up founders as well as multinational leaders.

Alan Cohen
Chief Commercial Officer, Illumio

A must read for everyone from CEOs, to business school students to entrepreneurs. Annmarie Neal identifies the essential traits required to lead in today's global economy and turns conventional wisdom on end to say we need to re-think our current systems to develop global leaders of the future.

Elizabeth Gasper
Chief Financial Officer, TruEffect

This must read book from Annmarie Neal is like having your own dinner party with seven amazing global leaders who offer personal insights on of the future of leadership — and no cooking is required.

Marilyn Nagel
CEO, Watermark

Annmarie has captured the essence of global leadership, and how to become a global leader, in this incredible book. 'Leading from the Edge' is a must read for every executive and those who aspire to become one.

Scott Ogrodnik
Silicon Valley High Tech Executive and Sales Force Transformation Expert

While many firms invest in executive training programs, few of these programs are truly transformative. What distinguishes the programs that Annmarie Neal documents is the focus on application.  Participants spend most of their time learning how to apply a small number of key frameworks. They learn through feedback, which they receive through expert facilitation and personal coaching. The outcome is true transformation in how the participants think about strategic issues and how they act in their leadership behaviors.

Duncan Simester
MIT Sloan School of Business

Annmarie Neal has captured a true ‘how to’ manual for the contemporary, global organization as it thinks of the right characteristics and leadership development model for competing in an increasingly global, uncertain and perplexing business environment.  At no time in my career has innovation and transformation been more important, and it takes leaders with these characteristics, and organizations that farm them to win!

Angel Mendez
Senior Vice President, Cisco Transformation Office

In her book, Neal examines the traits leaders need to lead globally and offers strategies from business leaders who have successfully navigated across borders. This is a must-read for any aspiring global change agent.

Sylvia Ann Hewlett
President and CEO, Center for Talent Innovation; author of Forget A Mentor, Find a Sponsor: The New Way to Fast-Track Your Career